Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why Even to Hassle Explaining ?
Why Even to Hassle Explaining ?
I really am pissed. You see its one thing to be right in something but it is so much different when person goes around trying to prove his or her point over and over again! That IS really annoying, hope you agree with me.
I like to hear good explanations on anything that passions me (or almost everything) but man, to hear it in ten different versions, same thing over and over again ........??? My sister is doing that like ALL the time! It drives me crazy! Fortunately, I am not pressured to pay attention that every day because we meet only 2 - 3 times a week. Do I have a solution? No! I tried telling her (same as did few other people in our family) but it got even worse actually.

She is very smart you see - like a residing Wikipedia or something, LOL. Seriously I have no idea how that happened! And she seems to have that need - to prove her point, aaaahhhh. I only can play some video games, free slots spins with my headphones on when she starts heading. Any ideas out there - how to deal with her?

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