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Vacations in Amorgos Greece
Vacations in Amorgos Greece
The Greek island of Amorgos is probably the most unique and beautiful in the Aegean. It is situated in the Southern Cyclades close to the nearby islands of Ios and Naxos.

Amorgos is one that has remained virtually untouched over the years, and is a destination where you can enjoy pure beauty and charm. It has some fantastic beaches and the traditional architecture of the white houses against a backdrop of blue sea and sky make it a wonderful place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday in Greece. The beauty of Amorgos is what inspired Luc Besson the famous filmmaker to film scenes of his movie "The Big Blue" at the gorgeous beach of Agia Anna.

The most famous landmark of Amorgos is the monastery of Hozoviotissa, which is located on the slopes of
rock looking out over the blue waters and where you can enjoy some stunning views. The monastery dates back to the 11th century and is a short distance away from the capital town of Chora.

Chora is a very lovely village and a perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the authentic setting. There are various other villages in Amorgos that are well worth visiting if you have the chance. There are also various places of interest on the island such as the ancient Monan settlement, the traditional Cycladic windmills and much more.

The island also has some amazing beaches that are perfect for a refreshing swim during the hot summer months. Amorgos is a great destination for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and relaxation.

Visitors to the island will find a great selection of accommodation including studios and apartments that are ideal for families visiting Amorgos. You will find most of the accommodation in the capital town of Chora and the two ports of Katapola and Aegialis, both of which are lovely places to stay when visiting the island.

If you want to sample a genuine Greek island getaway then Amorgos is the ideal place for you and has much to offer.

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