Saturday, March 22, 2014

What Over-the-counter Medications Are Best For Hemorrhoids
What Over-the-counter Medications Are Best For Hemorrhoids
The health of hemorrhoids tends to be prevalent in today's society, particularly for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. They result from the heightened pressure that pregnancy causes near the rectal veins. Most people don't discuss the fact that they have them. Read this article to get a better understanding of this condition and learn to avoid it.

You do not have to suffer needlessly through a bout of hemorrhoids with no relief at all. Experts have been known to recommend soaking in a sitz bath many times per day, for 5 to 10 minutes each time. You might also feel better if you apply cold compresses in the affected area.

When combating hemorrhoids, you should take special will be to avoid exposing the inflamed and irritated tissues to any personal hygiene products that contain fragrances, dyes or essential oils. Even a brief contact with these ingredients can significantly increase the pain, itchiness, and swelling of your hemorrhoids.

If you are having issues with hemorrhoids, add a bit of lemon to the water that you drink. The soothing properties found in lemon can relieve some of your irritation. Make your discomfort a little more bearable by drinking a little lemon water each day.

Drink plenty of water if you have issues with hemorrhoids. Remaining well-hydrated will ensure that your stools remain soft. Another tip that will help you is by lowering the caffeine and alcohol that you drink.

To help with relieving the discomfort of hemorrhoids, try adding a little lemon to your drinking water. Lemon is known to reduce the pain and irritation associated with hemorrhoids. Make your discomfort a little more bearable by drinking a little lemon water each day.

Wheat bread is wonderful for your digestion, and can also improve hemorrhoids. It also reduces irritation and blotchy skin. When making a sandwich, opt for wheat bread instead of white.

In conclusion, many factors can cause hemorrhoids, including pregnancy or childbirth. Hemorrhoids occur when there is a rise in the amount of pressure applied to the anus. Once you have gained an understanding of the information provided in this article, and taken steps to follow the recommendations, you will notice a reduction in how often you become suffering from hemorrhoids, along with lowered severity in attacks.

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