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wedding Photography Swansea South wales
wedding Photography Swansea South wales
Wedding Photography Trends for Swansea and South Wales 2013

The competition from the wedding photography in Swansea and South Wales industry has gotten tough. A growing number of photographers are entering what has become a growing market and there are also several couples who are ready to let their "photographer good friends" shoot the wedding, so when trying to find a photographer in Swansea and South Wales-- competitive edge is crucial to finding success.

As a client be it for portrait photography or a forthcoming Bride & Groom, its best to cover all the bases, everything from shooting style to client budgets to after care.

Shooting style:.

Nearly every photographer is describing their shooting style as some form of photojournalism: "fine-art photojournalism", "photojournalistic style, balanced with family portraits and classic couple tries", and "candid, documentary style photography with a touch of fashion and editorial" this is the modern style of photography giving way to more 'standard approaches' which take a big chunk out of the Bride & Grooms day commonly with waiting family and good friend's getting really bored and a B&G with sore smiling faces!

Couples want their wedding documented just like it happens-- capturing moment in time to be cherished for evermore, with a few configuration tries of aunty Betty thrown in completely procedure. "A wedding will always be a story of poignant moments, with a record that needs to be timeless," claims Gower based photographer's Amber Skye Photography.

Gower based photographer's Amber Skye Photography.
wedding photography swansea south wales.

Hobbyists vs Pros:.

The wedding photography market is an over-saturated one. A growing number of hobbyists turning full-time make it more so. The competition is hard, but pro's feel like this just drives them to work more challenging and become the best of the best. Also, several pro's aren't necessarily soliciting the type of client who's just as delighted having their DSLR-wielding good friend take control of ...

"Our advice is to work on finding your own particular niche," claims Swansea photographers Amber Skye Photographer. "if you try to entice to everyone, you will end up enticing to nobody in particular. There are clients almost everywhere, it's just a matter of finding the ideal ones, we are really lucky in we entice to likeminded individuals, who enjoy our style and have an ongoing solid relationship with ourselves. ".

photographers south wales.

Gower based photographer's Amber Skye Photography.

Prints & products:.

The trend of 2013 on this front is professional, high-grade photo albums. Even in a time when most photographers are supplying the bride and groom with online image galleries and USB's, clients want a physical tip of the wedding-- and for a person else to do the tough work of developing it.

"I started including one book with each of my plans and feel like I've received more enquires from clients excited about a book!" claims South Wales Photographers Amber Skye Photography. "We also enjoy giving them to clients ... it's something they can hold to and share with others in such a special and magical way. Much better than staring at your computer screen! While some clients like to make their own prints and books, several clients still value the artistry and design capacities of the photographer".
Gower based photographer's Amber Skye Photography.
Client budgets:.

Regardless of the flagging economy, wedding photographers do not intend to lower their prices-- they still make every effort to bring in a certain type of clientele. A lot of photographers have raised their prices in 2013, even if in small increments. Professionals must work to continue developing their skills and co-inside with a new and modern style of photography, and their prices need to reflect that.

Fine-art wedding photographers Amber Skye Photography claims, "I've been really rigorous about keeping my rates and not lowering them so as not to bring in the wrong client.".

One new trend we see is an increase in "a la carte" options, or add-on's, that let the bride and groom customize their plan. This gives clients the freedom to pick a much or as little as they want, while they still get the base amount.

Gower based photographer's Amber Skye Photography.

Pricing structure:.
The common plan for 2013 among photographers is:.

Somewhere between 8-12 hours of shooting.
Second shooter.
Online photo gallery.
USB of high res images.
Photo album.
Prints or option to buy prints from the online gallery or the rights/licence to print.

Common add-on's are larger prints (12 Ã 8 in, for example), engagement shoot, photo booth, and "trash the bridal dress" shoot. Interestingly, photographers don't generally offer canvas wrap prints-- there just isn't any kind of interest from their clients.

Social media marketing:.

Facebook is the social media platform of choice among pros in 2013, complied with by (relative) newbie Pinterest (which is amazing for inspiration for photographer and client alike) Twitter and then Google Plus. Wedding photographers enjoy that they can "good friend" their clients, then post a teaser gallery the next few days and label the bride and groom. It's a sure fire way to get them excited to see all the final images, and also get your work in front of their good friends and family.

Pinterest has become more more preferred over the last year, as the audience is filled with potential brides. "I post a little of my own work, but it's mostly from other people pinning my images," claims Mel & Rob from Amber Skye Photography, who makes the work on their site "pinable". "This is probably currently the best social media for wedding photographers-- brides enjoy it and they do all the work for you!".

Blog and Images by Mel & Rob of Amber Skye Photography Swansea & South Wales Photographers.

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