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The Astrological Indications for March
The Astrological Indications for March
Some months in astrology there is not so much movement; March is filled with twists and turns from retrogrades and other planetary alignments The new moon ushers in March with Mars retrograde in Libra. Mars in Libra is a complicated vibration, on one hand Libra wants harmony in relationship and Mars wants to have his own way. Partnerships can come to a breaking point over especially if the give and take hasn’t been balanced or fair.
Every year Saturn will turn retrograde, this year it is retrograde on March 2nd sending down intense vibration to be conscious of the agreements you have promised to other people. Prioritize your responsibilities as time is short.
Jupiter, the planet of hope, optimism and good luck is shifting direct on Thursday the 6th (which also is the day of Jupiter) at 10 degrees of Cancer. This is a day to believe deeply in your dreams, goals and wishes. Have confidence that you can accomplish what you want and the ideas of how to make it real will come together over the next few days. Indulgence in what makes you feel comfortable is possible, be conscious of over eating, spending or imbibing for a fleeting moment of feeling good.
The full moon is on Sunday the 16th at 1:08pm yet you will feel the intensity once the moon goes into Virgo on Friday. The Virgo full moon Virgo makes us aware of the need and place for service, the grace of humbleness and the healing a compassion presence allows. Compassion releases judgment, service increases self-worth, and humility allows for oneness with all that is. This is a time to cultivate within the inner joy that comes from embracing these ways of being.
The equinox is March 20th at 12:57pm carries a deep passion and message to listen to your inner guide and follow your intuition. Creative thinking is strong as is the desire to break free from whatever has been controlling you or holding you back. The complexities of life’s challenges are obvious that even when you feel you must break free, there are important considerations to reflect upon that will change your life drastically.
This month ends as it began, with a new moon. Sunday March 30th the new moon in Aries reveals more info on challenges that April will bring. The Sun and Moon are with Uranus, wanting to rebel against the ho hum existence of the ordinary, the new moon is also square Pluto and Jupiter being pushed by circumstances one can’t control and feeling encouraged that there must be a way. The Aries new moon will teach us to believe in possibilities and by looking outside of what we think we can or can not do, miracles will happen.

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