Friday, February 21, 2014

Skylanders Swap Force
Skylanders Swap Force

Embark on an exciting new adventure with the Skylander Swap Force and the SWAP Force. For generations, the SWAP Force protected the volcano that replenishes Skylands’ magic. That is until an epic battle caught them in an eruption that blasted them apart, sent Skylander Swap Force to Earth and gave them the ability swap powers. Only you can mix and match their tops and bottoms, put them on the new Portal of Power and help save Skylands. The new Skylander Swap Force are as inventive and quirky as ever. Magna Charge, one of the new tech Skylanders, is a robot with magnetic powers that allow him to lift up the game’s crates and toss them at enemies. He also quickly zips around on a magnetic ball and fires his rail gun at any Chompy or Spell Punk who gets in his way. The water Skylanders benefit from the addition of Wash Buckler, a squid-faced pirate who uses his leg-tentacles to shoot ink at distant enemies and a cutlass to handle those who get too close. What results is an entirely new Skylander, Wash Charge, who is armed with squid tentacles, a rail gun, and a magnet hat. The swap operates because each and every power is related to a particular half of the body. Wash Buckler’s tentacle attacks, for instance, stay with the lower half, while his cutlass and pistol stick with the upper half. Normally, you’ll find that movement powers are attached for the bottom of the Skylander, while attacks are attached for the top. The treasure that a Skylander earns while adventuring is also attached for the top, which opens the opportunity for players to utilize maxed out Skylanders to devote excess money upgrading the leg parts of other Skylanders.


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