Saturday, December 14, 2013

Destroy the Resistance with Umarex HK MP5
Destroy the Resistance with Umarex HK MP5
Boost your airsoft game and force your opponents into hiding like a bunch of frightened hamsters with Umarex HK MP5. This airsoft rifle is an authorized, faithful reproduction of the real Heckler & Koch submachine gun. Fitted out with full-metal gear and metal receiver, this insanely awesome gun has real blow-back action; how's that for realism? And to make matters worse for the resistance, this airsoft gun is designed for a 200-round magazine and a standard firing velocity of 350 fps. With the Umarex HK MP5, the opposing forces might as well use an airsoft version of a Winchester single-shot rifle; they won't stand a chance.

Before you squander your money on some other airsoft "toy," you better wise up and read about Umarex HK MP5; call this heavenly intervention. This airsoft rifle is what most airsoft big boys use. Having a total length of 28 inches, this weapon has deadly precision and devastating firepower with semi-auto and full-auto modes. With its look and capabilities, the Umarex HK MP5 does justice to the venerated heritage of the actual Maschinenpistole. If you ever spot one of these airsoft weapons at your local Airsoft arena shop or online store, don't let it slip away.

Do you want to know how fantastic this airsoft gun is? Let's put it this way; in the world of airsoft guns, this is the Lamborghini of submachine guns. It's functional and very aesthetically pleasing. Should it ever come to a point where you and another airsofter are hankering over the last Umarex HK MP5 in the shop, fight it out. Don't let him have it. Put him on a sleeper hold if you have to. That's how much airsoft aficionados lust over this awesome piece of hardware.

With its sleek body and enormous firepower, the Umarex HK MP5 airsoft gun is like a sexy, slim supermodel that eats like a world-class competitive eating participant and does the "clean and jerk" like an Olympic weightlifter. Don't let the sexy sleekness fool you. It'll be your most reliable, highly accurate, and overwhelmingly devastating airsoft gun.

Umarex HK MP5: Perfect for Closed-Door Encounters

The Umarex HK MP5 has a compact body, which can be fired using only one hand. It's portable and very much capable of bringing the bad guys down, making it the perfect tool for closed-door encounters. And even though it's so lightweight, this airsoft gun provides nothing less than pure tactical awesomeness.

Want to take your airsoft game up several notches? You'd definitely want to try this airsoft gun for some serious backside-kicking. Now quit reading this and head over to or VIP Airsoft and buy this thing. Get the Umarex HK MP5 and stomp the opposition with this bad boy.

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