Thursday, October 31, 2013

Influence Engine Marketer Releases New SEO Tool
Influence Engine Marketer Releases New SEO Tool
Influence Engine Marketer, the team that aims to give businesses a boost with the use of latest tools and platforms necessary for it to grow has recently released a new SEO tool called Yahoonichefinder and are giving it away.

The tool works by looking for keywords from Yahoo Answers. All you need to do is enter a keyword for which you wish to do a search on, and the tool gives you up to a hundred questions on Yahoo Answers related to the particular keyword. This tool makes it easier for users to search for marketable niches. They can easily see what people on Yahoo Answers want to have or if a particular niche has many hits.

The giving away of their new tool naturally won’t last forever, so head on to to get your free copy today. The tool is sure to help you especially if you’re looking for a viable niche to venture into.
This recent release also helps the group’s main purpose of helping out businesses grow and set up marketing presence online to make better use of the available technology today. The group specializes in planning and setting up business’ online marketing sectors using various tools and online resources and means. All business owners would have to do is to watch and see how their business gains more traction in the market, and possibly even inspire a following.

With Yahoo Answers being one of the major avenues for raising queries for most internet-literate consumers, the Yahoonichefinder tool is a great and useful tool to use to maximize resources. Users can find out what people want from a certain niche without having to go Yahoo Answers manually, or they can find which niches would work well for their business and which ones won’t.

To find out more about Influence Engine Marketer and what they can do for you, visit them at You can also get a hold of a free copy of the new Yahoonichefinder via their website.

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